International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPMs) are standards adopted by the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM), which is the governing body of the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC). The IPPC is the only standard setting organization for plant health.

Standards aim to regulate international trade in such a way as to keep it safe in phytosanitary terms and to restrict it as little as possible and provide guidance on procedures, regulations and treatments that can be used to manage pest risks associated with the international movement of goods and conveyances.

The Standards Committee (SC), established in 2006 by CPM-1 as its standard developing body, manages the standard-setting process and assists in the development of ISPMs identified by the CPM as priority standards.

The SC is constituted by 25 members drawn from each of the FAO regions: Africa (4), Asia (4), Europe (4), Latin America and the Caribbean (4), Near East (4), North America (2) and Southwest Pacific (3). The SC selects from within its members a subgroup of seven experts, the Standards Committee Working Group (SC-7), to undertake detailed work on draft standards

The following table lists the Near East representatives in the Standards Committee. Countries are encouraged to contact directly or through the NEPPO Secretariat to support the review of draft specifications, current standards and to provide them with their view and opinion to present a joint and coordinated view of the region at the Standard Committee meetings.

Name, mailing address, telephone Email address Confirmed Term expires
Ms Shaza OMAR

Phytosanitary Specialist

Central Administration Of Plant Quarantine

Ministry of Agriculture 1 Nadi al Said Street

Dokki, Giza, EGYPT

Mobile: +201014000813

Fax: (+20) 237608574

 SC Vice-Chairperson. SC-7

shaza.roshdy@gmail.com CPM-11 (2016)

1st term/3 years (2)



General Director of Plant Protection Department of


Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation,Aden.YEMEN

Tel: 00967 770712209

Or 00967 733802618

abuameerm21@gmail.com Replacement

member for Mr.Nazir Al BDOUR

CPM-12 (2017)

1st term / 3 years (2)



Mr Abdulqader Khudhair ABBAS,

Ministry of Agriculture

Plant protection directorate.

Abu Ghraib Baghdad IRAQ

Tel:9647801876544 (mobile)



Replacement member for Ms Maryam JALILI MOGHADAM and Mr Ali Amin KAFU


1st term / 3 years


Mr Youssef Al MASRI


Ministry of agriculture; crop protection division

Rwayseh Salima Maten alala Babda

Mount Lebanon-103LEBANON

Phone: +961-3-957482




CPM-11 (2016)

1st term / 3 years