The lack of a Regional Plant Protection Organization in the Near East Region has negative impact on the regional collaboration in the area of plant protection, in particular in the development of a regional strategy to monitor and control the transboundary plant pests (including diseases and weeds).  Pest outbreaks are an increasing trend and threat to the region in the last twenty years (particularly in the light of increasing international trade in agricultural plants and plant products), which require close attention from the region at minimum in the form of information exchange and the initiation of an effective regional monitoring and control strategy.

In response to a request made by the Near East Regional Commission on Agriculture at its Third Session held in Nicosia (Cyprus) from 11 – 15 September 1989, and following a recommendation made by a technical consultation held in Rome from 14- 16 April 1992, A conference of Plenipotentiaries on the establishment of the Near East Plant Protection Organization (NEPPO), organized by FAO, was held in Rabat Morocco 16-18 Feb.1993. The conference was attended by 17 countries from the FAO Near East region signed.

The NEPPO entered into force on January 9, 2009. The first Governing Council was held in Rabat (Kingdom of Morocco) in October, 2010, during which NEPPO established its structure, adopt rules and procedures, elected its President and Vice-president and nominated its Executive Director.

NEPPO was formally recognized as a Regional Plant Protection Organization (RPPO) under the IPPC on 23 March 2012. There are now ten RPPOs under the IPPC and Article IX of the New Revised Text of the IPPC which states RPPOs:

  • shall function as the coordinating bodies in the areas covered, shall participate in various activities to achieve the objectives of this Convention and, where appropriate, shall gather and disseminate information, and
  • shall cooperate with the Secretary in achieving the objectives of the Convention and, where appropriate, cooperate with the Secretary and the Commission in developing international standards.


Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria and Tunisia.

Signed but not ratified: Iran, Mauritania and Yemen.


The objectives of NEPPO shall be primarily to promote international and regional cooperation in the region in strengthening plant protection activities and capabilities with the aim of :

  • Controlling pests of plants in an appropriate manner.
  • Preventing the introduction and spread of pests.
  • Facilitating safe trade.

Structure of NEPPO

President:   Dr Mohamed Ali  ElHag ALLOBA

Vice President:   Dr Hassan Kassem Mohamed BEKHEIT

Governing Council:   Consists of all Member States, acts as the supreme body of the Organization. Meet once every two years

Executive Committee:   Six countries elected in principle rotation. Meets at least once a year.

  • Algeria
  • Jordan
  • Libya
  • Pakistan
  • Syria
  • Tunisia

Executive Director:   Mr. Mekki CHOUIBANI

Location of NEPPO

NEPPO is hosted by the Kingdom of Morrocco in Rabat :
Batiment C de l’INRA. Angle Avenues Ibn AL Ouazzane et Hassan II. Rabat. Morocco
Tel : +212 673997808, +212 537 704810.
Fax : +212537708763