In the Near East and North Africa, there in an abuse of chemical pesticides use. FAO through the Regional Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program in the Near East contributed to empower farmers/operators with innovative IPM techniques in several crops using the Farmer Field School (FFS) participatory extension methodology. The adoption of those techniques can improve the quality and quantity of the products as well as reduce incidence of health problems to the operators and their families with reduction of cost of production and efficient pest management protecting the local eco-systems.

Dissemination of such experiences and eventually expansion of the target geographical areas as well as extension to other commodities is imperative in order to upscale the knowledge of other farmers’ communities in the region.

The purpose is to:

  • To raise awareness of the hazards and risks associated with chemical pesticides in agriculture and related effective and friendly pest control management
  • To disseminate the innovative techniques of IPM in the region
  • To promote positive attitudes and behaviour towards the use of pest control methods and proper use of IPM techniques