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Sidi Fredj, Algeria, 2012–09-18/20

Introduction to the Workshop: Mr Chouibani (NEPPO) & Ms Petter (EPPO)

Session 1: Presentation of the international and regional standards related to surveillance.
Session 2 Countries’ experiences with surveillance.
Main conclusions and recommendations
  • Everyone has a role to play in surveillance and not only official services
  • Good networking is essential
  • Raising awareness both to professionals and the general public is vital for optimal surveillance (especially in a context of reduced resources)
  • Good pest reporting practices are essential to ensure confidence between trading partners
  • Sharing information on surveillance of pests of common interest between EPPO and NEPPO countries should be encouraged
  • Development of specific guidelines for the surveillance of important pests would be valuable (as well as of contingency plans).

Minutes of the workshop