octobre 2015

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Date : 28/09/2015

In the framework of an agreement with IPPC Secretariat and Fera (United Kingdom), regarding the strengthening biosecurity in selected MENA and Horn of Africa states – needs assessment and capacity development, a training course for trainers has been organized in Rabat (Morocco), on September 28 to October 2, 2015. Candidates have been selected on the […]

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Two new IPPC Diagnostic Protocols Adopted!

Publié le 06/10/2015

Two new Diagnostic Protocols (DPs) on Ditylenchus destructor and Ditylenchus dipsaci (DP_08) and Genus Anastrepha Schiner (DP_09) were adopted by the Standards Committee on behalf of the CPM as Annexes to ISPM 27 (Diagnostic protocols for regulated pests).

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