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Member consultation on draft specifications for ISPMs

Published on 22/12/2014

The IPPC Secretaria (Standards Committee (SC)) has published in the IPP drafts specification for ISPMs which outline the content and scope of a future ISPM.  Members have 60 days (December 19,2014 to February 20, 2015) to submit their Comments  through the IPPC Online Comment System (OCS, ocs.ippc.int/index.html) Use of specific import authorization (Annex to ISPM […]

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Plant quarantine and phytosanitary measures

Date : 24/06/2013

NEPPO Workshop on “Plant quarantine and phytosanitary measures” Rabat, Morocco, 24-26 June 2013 International Plant Protection Convention(IPPC) overview presentation. Mekki CHOUIBANI (NEPPO) NEPPO presentation. Mekki CHOUIBANI (NEPPO) Countries presentation Algeria Iraq Libya Malta Morocco Oman Tunisia United Arab Emirates Review of ISPM 19 Mekki CHOUIBANI (NEPPO) Phytosanitary principles for the protection of plants and the […]

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Member consultation

Published on 09/07/2014

Publication of draft ISPM for member consultation 150 days ( 1 July – 30 November 2014).
– 1994-001: Draft ISPM – Amendments to ISPM 5 (Glossary of phytosanitary terms) 2014
– 2006-004: Draft ISPM: International movement of used vehicles, machinery and equipment
– 2009-003: Draft ISPM – International movement of seeds

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Substantial concerns commenting period

Published on 11/06/2014

– 2005-004: Draft ISPM – International movement of growing media in association with plants for planting
– 1994-001: Draft ISPM – Amendments to ISPM
– 2006-029: Draft ISPM – International movement of wood
– 2005-010: Draft Annex to ISPM 26 – Phytosanitary Procedures for Fruit Fly (Tephritidae) Management

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New International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures

Published on 21/05/2014

La Commission des Mesures Phytosanitaire a adoptée lors de sa neuvième session tenue du 31 mars au 4 avril 2014.
Appendice à la NIMP 12:2011 (Certificats sanitaires) : Certification électronique, renseignements sur les schémas XML et les mécanismes d’échange de données normalisées (2006-003)

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Good Practice for Participation in IPPC meetings

Date : 03/03/2014

Hammamet, Tunisia, March 3-5, 2014 Agenda Introduction to the IPPC,CPM, Structures. Organisation of IPPC Secretariat, Functions, membership Dr Shoki AL DOBAI. FAO Cairo (Arabic) Mechanisms of participationto the IPPC meetings. M. CHOUIBANI NEPPO. Standards setting process.Dr Shoki AL DOBAI. FAO Cairo (Arabic) How to prepare in advance for the meetings. Mekki CHOUIBANI NEPPO Types of CPM […]

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