The meeting was held on June 9-10, 2015.

The purpose is to set out the objectives, review activities of the project to date and to confirm on future activities.  The main elements of the meeting are as set out below:

To review

  •  the importance of regional biosecurity
  • the FAO on-line Pest Risk Analysis activity
  • the FAO questionnaire on pest surveillance

To discuss future actions including:

  • Training course on conducting Pest Risk Analysis
  • In-country reviews on biosecurity capacity

During these 2 days, the following item have been discussed.

  • Meeting objectives. . Julian Smith
  • Overview of project objectives. Orlando Sosa
  • Introduction on Fera. Julian Smith
  • Countries presentation
    o Egypt. Ahmed fawzi
    o Lebanon. Siham Maladan
    o Morocco. Salah Ritoune
    o Palestine. Shadi Darwish
    o Tunisia. Fethia Hleli
  • Review of IPPC on-line PRA and ISPM 6 surveillance questionnaire. Mekki Chouibani
  • PCE(Project activity 2.1) Orlanda Sosa
  • Plant pest diagnostic manual (Project activity 3.1). Julian Smith
  • Country Biosecurity (Project Activity 3.2a&b). Adrian Fox
  • PRA introduction (Project Activity 4) Julian Smith
  • Group discussion on project activities and opportunities to engage
  • Group work on Plant pest diagnostic manual
  • Group work on PCE and biosecurity activities
  • Group work on PRA activities
  • Wrap-up on meeting and outcomes achieved



Outcome 1: Morocco and Tunisia agreed to provide Ministry letters of request for PCE to the IPPC

Outcome 2: Fera is to check Plant pest identification manual against feedback from country-delegates and revise if required, or feasible in time available

Outcome 3: Fera is to develop a rapid assessment protocol for national plant pest inventories and resources and plant pest diagnostics to be piloted with Tunisia and Morocco

Outcome 4: The PRA training should focus on Xylella fastidiousa and opportunity should be taken to prepare material in advance of the training to enable he training and provide for NPPOs in their countries