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A training workshop to strengthen the third countries capacity to participate actively in the work of International Standard-Setting Bodies within the Better Training for Safer Food initiative and funded by the European Commission, was held in Morocco (Mohammedia) from 25 to 27 May, 2015.

The main topics addressed during the workshop are:

Day 1. IPPC: scope, resolution and function within SPS

  • Introduction of BTSF initiative with a video. Diana QUILIQUINI
  • Introduction to regional organisation. Mekki CHOUIBANI
  • WTO-SPS and the three International Standard Setting Bodies (Codex, OIE, IPPC) Vlasta KNAPIC
  • History and IPPC launching Vlasta KNAPIC
  • International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures in the frame of global trade and the WTO-SPS Agreement WTO-SPS approach; groups of standards: diagnostic protocols, treatment schemes; avoiding SPS disputes . Practical examples. Demetra GKILPATHI
  • Internal organisation of IPPC, relation to FAO and general functioning procedures, responsibilities and obligations of contracting countries. Alberto SACCARDI
  • Regional organisation of IPPC, its role in development of national and regional comments and positions. Ebbe NORDBO
  • Functioning of IPPC bodies, description of CPM, SC, SBDS and technical panels and/or working groups. Alberto SACCARDI
  • Group Discussion
  • Understanding of the role and level of obligation of international standards in the framework of the IPPC (examples, shell-should-may-must). Piotr WLODARCZYK
  • Standard setting  procedure within IPPC: from call for topic to adopted standard. Role of technical panels and regional organisations. Ebbe NORDBO
  • Role of the EU in works of IPPC, formulation of the EU common positions (including OCS). Roman VAGNER

Day 2: On-going issues and study cases – simulation exercises

  • Case study: presentation of a recent example of standard setting, illustrating how and why the request was raised, underlying scientific background, risk analysis, trade implications, formations of different opinion groups and the procedure: “wood in international trade”. Piotr WLODARCZYK
  • Simulation exercise on preparation of national positions and Standards Committee
  • Lecture: Summary of procedures applied by IPPC for the development of standards, as analysed in the case study and in the simulation exercise. Focus on the constraints deriving from the mandatory procedures. Ebbe NORDBO
  • Simulation exercise 2 – “ Drafting a specification of ISPMs for submission as a new topic” Demetra GKILPATHI
  • Discussion and drafting specifications
  • in-depth analysis of the role of regional plant protection organization (RPPO): The case of EPPO (CPM Affairs Panel at EPPO). Introduction to EPPO, The European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organisation. Ebbe NORDBO
  • Simulation exercise 3 – “Mock session standards setting committee” Approval of new standard – GROWING MEDIA – Ebbe NORDBO

Day 3: Mock Session: Approval of new standard (2005-004: Draft ISPM): International movement of growing media in association with plants for planting

  • Simulation exercise 4 – “Mock session standards setting committee” Approval of new standard – GROWING MEDIA
  • Session of Standards committees: Simulation exercise group discussion
  • Specific competences of each IPPC body (CPM, SC-7, SC-25; regional organisations, contracting parties & other entities). Ebbe NORDBO
  • De-briefing and conclusions